Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Reiki and Spirit Healing

chakras-bebo2Reiki, from the Japanese words “rei” (spirit) and “ki” (life force energy), is a natural healing system more than 2,500 years old. Reiki uses placement of hands or visualization to channel healing “energies” from the universe to the recipient. It is often used to treat chronic and acute physical problems as well as emotional distress.

Many years ago Sue Gray Wolf began healing treatments by Reiki masters. The benefits to her as she worked to strengthen her own mind, body and spirit were huge. She began Reiki training with a Master in New Hampshire some years back. Sue moved up the ladder of trainings to the point where she is now a Reiki Master – qualified to use Reiki as a healing tool and to teach it to others.

Sue often compliments her other healing approaches with sessions of Reiki – helping clients relax and lose pain and distress and so better walk their healing and growth road. Sue explains, “Reiki works well with some of the Native American and intuitivechakra-heart approaches we offer our clients. Just as no one healing and growth plan is right for everyone, no one healing approach works best alone. I often add healing through sound and crystal therapy. These also seem to work well with Reiki and Native approaches for some”.

Jim Gray Wolf is trained at Level II Reiki. He assists Sue when his energy is needed. Rather then take his training to the Master level, Jim has worked to integrate his Native American healing techniques and ceremonies, his Mayan training and his Reiki into one. He has created an approach he calls Integrated Indigenous Healing. As Jim notes, “I have been blessed to learn from many different indigenous healers and spiritual leaders. I feel I honor all these ways by combining their teaching gifts to me when it benefits those I serve.”


Mountain Shadow Wolf says  Thank you both for inviting me into your healing room on April 8th. I experienced your balanced energy healing me in a timeless way. I appreciate your touch, the smell of organic essential oils, the feel of feathers, music playing, and the smell of sage. You allow me to trust myself to let go of what I call old energies. I am now aware of Great Spirit in a new way. I’ll find more words to describe my experience as I continue to feel the benefits of your loving hands and intuitive hearts. Mitakuye Oyasin

Reiki and Spirit Healing